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How does Scaura handles filenames

This article explains everything about filenames in the app, includes how they are used in the app, how to rename a filename and so on.

Add a new file

The original filename is taken when a file is upload directly to Mediabank or a channel tree (e.g. a content box, set as background) in CMS. You can check the file name in File Details in Mediabank. 

Rename a file

There are two ways to rename a file in CMS. If you want to use a file with a new filename across all the channels, then follow below the steps to change the filename via description field in the Mediabank. 

  1. Go to Mediabank
  2. Select the file you want to rename by clicking on the top right circle of the thumbnail
  3. In the right panel, find File Details section, and type the new filename in Description
  4. Click Save

If you want to use a new filename only in a content box or a presentation, then follow below the steps.

  1. Open the content box that has the file in it
  2. Select the file you want to rename by clicking on the top right circle of the thumbnail
  3. In the right panel, scroll down to see Properties, and enter the new filename in Name
  4. Click Save

Replace a file

If a file is replaced in the Mediabank via Change File, then:
  • If this file is not yet used in any channels, the new filename will be used when adding the file to a content box.
  • If this file is already used in a content box, then the previous filename is kept in that content box, there is no auto-overwrite of the filename. Please check the section "Rename a file" to see how to change a filename in a content box.


  • Search a file in CMS: Always type the original filename in the search bar to search for a file.
  • Search a file in the Webapp
    • Click the magnifying glass icon on the top right of a page to enter the search page. Here you can view all the files available in this channel. 
    • Type a filename in the search box in the top center of this page to search for a file. If there is files with new filenames (renamed in CMS), type the new filename to search for a file.
For both Webapp and CMS: If there is an accent in a filename, enter a letter without the accent, and the file will still show up in the search result. For example, type "dias" in the search box to search for the file "días".

Last update: 2020.05.11