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Advanced settings when downloading images

How to download

Download is available on the Webapp, desktop app and app on tablets.

  1. Select files you want to download;
  2. Open the selection panel by click the check mark icon on the top right;
  3. Click on Download in the selection panel;
  4. Optional: if there are images selected, you can use the advanced image settings on this page. 
  5. Click on download to download the selected files to a local folder. A new tab opens with a save as pop up. In case there is no response after clicking download, it could be that the pop up window is blocked by the browser. If that's the case, please modify the settings of the browser. 

Advanced Image Settings

When you download images from the Webapp, you have the option to resize and convert their formats so they can be used according to your requirements. The following article explains how to use this feature, and any limitations you should be aware of.

The "Advanced Image Settings" options become active if you select one or more images to download.

Resolution conversion

You can resize resolution according to height, width, or both. The resulting image is processed as following:

In any option, images are never upscaled to a resolution higher than the original.

Besides that, when resizing an image, the resulting image format will vary according to the following:

pngResizes keep original png format

ai, bmp, eps, gif, ico, j2k, jp2, jpeg, jpg, ps, psd, svg, tif, tiff

Resizes are downloaded in jpg format

Format conversion

We currently offer support of image conversion into JPG or PNG. The following image formats can be converted:

ai, bmp, eps, gif, ico, j2k, jp2, jpeg, jpg, png, ps, psd, svg, tif, tiff

Please note: If you use format conversion together with resolution conversion, the limitations described on the table above will apply.

Last update: 2022.02.18