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Tips for launching or deleting Scaura channels

This article presents some tips to help you as an admin on the process of launching or deleting Scaura channels on your organisation.

First launch

When you are rolling out Scaura for the first time, we advise you to first do a "soft launch" with a small set of core users before rolling out to more people on your organisation.

Before inviting users, make sure you have a first version of your channel that you are comfortable with. Then, there are two ways you can proceed with the soft launch.

Option 1: Start by inviting your initial group only, and after you collect feedback and improve your channel, add the remaining users of your organisation.

Option 2: Add all your users at once as inactive users, set only your initial group to active so you can collect feedback, and later activate more people.

Choose the way that works better for you, as long as you encourage your initial users to give you feedback. This way, you can make sure your channels fit their needs before giving access to other users.

Launching a new channel for existing users

Let's now talk about launching new channels when you already have a pool of people using Scaura on your organization.

In this scenario, you want to prevent that people see any changes you make until your new channel is ready for use. There are a few steps we recommend to make sure you can freely experiment with new channels and only launch them when you are ready.

Before you even create a new channel, you first need to make sure your current users will not see it when they open Scaura. To do that, you can use user groups in your favor. You want to make sure there are no users added to the "default" group, since this group has access to all channels. This way, once you create a new channel, you will prevent that anyone on the default channel see it. If all your users are in the default group, the easiest is that you move them to a new channel that has access to your current channels. 

Once you make sure there are no users on the default group that you would not like to see the new channel, you can create the new channel and work on shaping and improving it.

Once you are ready to roll it out, change user group permissions so people will be able to access it!

Deleting an existing channel

If you would like to delete an existing channel for good, go to "Settings" by clicking the wheel icon () on the left-side panel. Then click "Delete Channel" under "Actions" on the right-side panel (see below).

Last update: 2019.01.22