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How to make sure your content looks great on Scaura

We've prepared a short guide to help you make sure your organization content looks impressive and professional on Scaura.


The optimal image resolution differs between Windows & iOS devices. 

To assure that images will be shown in the right proportions on all devices, we advise that the pictures should have a minimum width of 2000 pixels.
The CMS supports JPEG and PNG image types. For optimal quality/size ratio the image should have at least 72 DPI, and we recommend that the size does not exceed 5MB.

TIP: When you use an image as a background, we'll make sure it fills the full screen without squeezing or stretching your image. Because of that, some parts of the image might be "cropped" to fit the background. 


The app supports movies in .mp4 format. For optimal quality/size ration, we recommend the following configurations:

Please note if a higher resolution than recommended is used, it might not be played on some of the devices. The reason is because some of the video formats are not supported by some of the devices, e.g. video in 4k quality at 60 frames per second.

All the videos uploaded to the CMS will be converted to mp4 format automatically. Based on the size of the video, the conversion takes some time to complete.

If you need to convert your videos before uploading, we recommend using Adobe Media Encoder or QuickTime Player Pro, since these programs will allow you to have full control over the frames per second, the bitrate, and the dimension.


The app supports PDFs. For a better experience, we recommend:

A useful tool to reduce the size of PDFs is -- you just need to select Compress PDF and drag and drop your files.

Powerpoint, Excel, and Word files

The app supports Office files. For a more visual experience, we recommend that your Office files do not exceed the following limits:

Office files bigger than these limits cannot be previewed inside Scaura, but can be opened externally.

HTML5 widgets

HTML5 Widgets can be uploaded to the CMS by using .zip files. All the files that are used in the HTML5 widget have to be in this zip file, together with an optional image that will be used as thumbnail. This thumbnail should be named “thumbnail.jpg”. For optimal quality of the thumbnail, please use a thumbnail with the dimensions of 500x500. Make sure your .zip file contains a file called index.html.

Important: Both index.html and thumbnail.jpg should be in the root of your zip file for the widget to work. Make sure they are not inside any folders!

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Last update: 2020.06.12