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FAQ: I cannot login to Scaura. How can I find my credentials?

Are you trying to login to Scaura, but not sure about your credentials? We can help you get or recover access!

First of all, make sure you are login the correct platform

Only super admins and admins can login to the Content Management System (CMS). If you are a presenter user or SVP user, make sure you are logging in to the Webapp. If you see below the message shows up in the login page after you enter your credential, this means you login to the wrong platform. Try log in to

 Your user does not have permission to access the CMS.

First time using Scaura?

If you never used Scaura before, you need to be invited by an admin of the organization you are trying to access. Once the admin adds you to Scaura, you will receive an email to set your password and create your account. 

Not sure if you were already invited? Search your inbox and spam folders for emails from If you cannot find an invitation email, ask your admin to invite you or resend an invitation. Still didn't receive an email? Contact us at

Found an invitation, but it is expired? If you received an invitation to Scaura on the past, but never set your password, it might be that your invitation is expired and you cannot create an account anymore with the same link. If this is the case, ask your admin to resend an invitation.

Want to change your password? Open the Settings page on the left-side menu bar in Scaura app, click on "Change Password" button. Enter your new password in the "Password" and "Confirm password" fields and then click "Change Password".  

Not your first time on Scaura?

If you already have an account, but you were invited to a new organization: You can use the same credentials to login to a new organization. Logout, login again and choose your desired organization.

Cannot remember your password? 

  1. On the login page, click on Forgot password?
  2. Fill in your email address and click on Reset password
    • You will receive an email with instructions to set a new password to your account.
    • Cannot reset password: If you see this message, you don't have a Scaura account. Ask your admin for an invitation or check your email if they have already invited you.

Didn't receive an email to reset password? Make sure to check your spam folder. If you can't find an email from Scaura, contact us at

I can remember my credentials, but the login does not complete: If your credentials are right, but your login does not complete, check Trobleshooting connectivity issues.

Last update: 2021.05.10