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Troubleshooting syncing issues

Having issues when syncing a channel on your device? Don't worry, we are here to help!

Sync finished with errors

What happens: after syncing a channel on your desktop or mobile device, you see the message "Sync finished with errors".

Possible causes:

  1.  Internet connection dropped during the sync process: It could be that your internet connection dropped or was too slow while you were syncing. Please check your connection and try to sync again.
  2. You have ZIP files that are unsupported: If there are one or more ZIP files on the channel you are trying to sync, there is a risk that this is the cause of the syncing errors. Make sure your ZIP files are HTML5 widgets -- they should contain a file called index.html to work.

Sync does not complete

What happens: when trying to sync a channel, the sync process does not end and you are stuck in the same screen indefinitely.

Possible causes:

  1. Slow internet connection: if you have a slow internet connection, the sync might take longer to complete. Wait a few minutes to see if there is any progress on the process.
  2. Corrupted files: In some older versions of Scaura, syncing corrupted files will cause the process to get stuck indefinitely. Make sure you have the latest version of Scaura installed on your device.

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Last update: 2019.01.04