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Troubleshooting connectivity issues

Are you facing problems to login to Scaura? Don't worry, we are here to help!

Web issues

Login is not completed

What happens: You try to login on, but after clicking Login, a loader shows and you are redirected back to the login screen.

Known cause: When there is not enough space for your browser to load the content inside Scaura web application, the login will fail and you will be automatically logged out.

Known solution: Close browser tabs and/or clean up some disk space (at least 1GB) on your computer. Then, try to login again.

No channel is shown after login 

What happens: You logged in the app successfully, but no channel is shown (see below the image).

Known cause: You currently do not have permission to see any channels in your organization. 

Known solution: Contact a super admin or an admin in your organization to give you access to channel(s). For users who are sure they have access to a channel but not see it in the app, click the Retry / Try again button to reload the switch channel page.

Page cannot be reached

What happens: You try to access a Scaura page and the page does not load.

Possible causes:

  1. You don't have internet connection: Try to connect to other websites and see if you also face a similar problem. If so, you probably have a problem with your internet connection.
    • If you have internet, but the app shows no internet connection. Check if you are connected to a corporate WiFi. If that's the case, the app is blocked from using the internet. Contact the IT department of your company to solve the issue or use another internet.
  2. The address is incorrect:If you typed the address directly into the address bar, make sure it is correct. 
  3. Firewall configuration: Some corporate networks have firewall configurations that might block access to Scaura. Consult your IT department to see if this is the case.

For further assistance, contact us at

Download is not completed

What happens: You try to download our Windows/Mac version from and no file is downloaded after you click on Download app.

Possible cause: The download is blocked by a configuration on your corporate network. Consult your IT department to see if this is the case.

For further assistance, contact us at

Other unexpected issues

If you are experiencing other issues on web, such as files or parts of the application not being displayed, make sure to try the following steps:

If your issues persist, contact us at

Last update: 2020.06.12