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What do I need to get started with Scaura app?

An organization channel is a space where organizations showcase their content. To login to Scaura and have access to one or more channels created by an organization, you will need a Scaura account.

Important: To create a Scaura account, you will need to be invited by an organization admin

Receive and accept an invitation

If you never used Scaura:

  1. Check your inbox for an email invitation from Scaura. If you have not received one, make sure to check your spam folder.
  2. Click on Set password.
  3. Choose a password for your account.
  4. You can now use your credentials to login to Scaura.

If you already have a Scaura account:

  1. Check your inbox for an email invitation from Scaura. It will confirm your existing Scaura username.
  2. Use your existing username and password to login to Scaura.
  3. After login, choose the organization you want to access.

If you need to login with single sign-on login:

  1. Open the app on your device.
  2. Click "Login with SSO" (please refer to the below screenshot).
  3. Enter your single sign-on login to login to Scaura.

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Last update: 2021.01.14